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New Prices ^_^
Moi meme Moitie Cutsew
camisola 1
camisola 3
camisola 2
camisola 4
Size: 2
Completely new
Price: 90€

Moi meme Moitie Cutsew

Size: 2
Completely new
Price: 80€

Bodyline black &white JSK, price: 40€

Condition: new
Size: M

Bodyline mini-hat, price: 25€

Condition: new

Kera boots, price 70€

Condition: new
Size: 23 cm

Yosuke boots, price 40€

Condition: used, good
Size: 23 cm

If you want to buy something, please let me know ^_^
Thank you!!!!

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Hi ^^

Do you still have the second Moitie cutsew?
If yes, how much would the total be to The Netherlands with insurance shipping and pp fees?

Hi ^_^
Yes, it's available.
The total with shipping (registered mail with tracking number) and pp fees is 89€. Do you want it?

Yes, I want to buy it from you! ^^

I must say that it will take 2/3 working days before the money will arrive from my bank account to my paypal account.
If you don`t want to wait that long I can also check if it`s possible to pay with CC trough Paypal..

It's okay for me, I can wait! Don't worry!

My paypal is:

Thank you!
I`ll let you know when the money arrived on my paypal account so I can send it to you!

Thank you ^_^
I'll be waiting!

Have a wonderful day <3

I received the payment ^_^
Please, send me your address by pm, I'll send it tomorrow!

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